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Farewell, Thank You and New Beginnings- Courtney Lowman- Episode 150

Today's episode is a celebration! 150 episodes later, the Journey of Ruth Podcast is coming to an end. Today we get to celebrate all that has happened in the last 4 years and all that God did. Courtney chats about some of the most popular episodes and guests, Explains what is happening next and where you can continue to see what is next in the Journey of Ruth community, and she ends by playing your answers to our weekly final question. What a blessing it has been to produce this podcast over the last 4 years and we are truly looking forward to the next journey! Thank you, Enjoy the final episode and Farewell!!

Favorite Episodes

NUMBER 1: Dana Yeakley- Episode 75- Gentle Art of Discipleship

Pat Hail, Jr.- Episode 19- Understand the Holy Spirit

Pat Hail, Jr.- Episode 99- Finding God in Big Fish Moments

Becky Getz - Episode 38- Community During Times of Loss

Amber Perona- Episode 14- Adoption

Amber Perona & Ali Gentry- Episode 102- The Joy of Travel

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