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Episode 75: Dana Yeakley- The Gentle Art of Discipleship

Dana Yeakley, an author, mother, wife, and past missionary with The Navigators, has years of experience in disciple-making. The wisdom she has acquired through the years can be found in her book The Gentle Art of Discipling Women. In the third episode of the Discipleship Defined series, Dana and I speak about discipleship and it’s importance for all Christians. Then we zoom in on its importance for women, why discipleship is so scary for Christians in today’s culture, define what discipleship looks like, and reveal why every believer should desire to be a F.A.T. woman.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does discipleship compliment the work done in evangelism? What is the danger of separating the two?

  2. Read Isaiah 40:11- What does it mean to gently lead in discipleship?

  3. As a disciple-maker, does knowing that you are only one link in your disciple’s path towards maturity take off some of the pressure? Why or why not?

  4. Why is vulnerability such an essential part of the discipleship relationship?

  5. Read Matthew 9:23, Luke 16:24, John 8:31-32, Matthew 28:19-20- What do you learn about being a disciple of Jesus from these verses?

  6. What is your spiritual gift? How can God use that to help other women mature. If you aren’t sure, ask your group members or close friends.

  7. Have you ever had someone of influence in your life give you correction? How did that make you feel? Is there something you would have them do differently in their presentation of the rebuke?

  8. Spend a few minutes in prayer. Ask God who He would have disciple you and who he would like you to disciple. If you already have these relationships in place, spend a few minutes thanking God for these precious friends.

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