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The Joy of Travel- Ali Gentry & Amber Perona- Episode 102

Today’s episode is pure joy and fun! I asked my friends Ali Gentry and Amber Perona, both who LOVE to travel, to come on the pod together and share some of their best travel tips. Although their destinations are very similar, their travel styles could NOT be more different! Watching the two of them react to one another was hilarious! Both Ali and Amber have been on the podcast before where we talked about their own individual stories. Ali on Episode #49 and Amber on Episode #14.

I know we can get real deep here on the podcast, and while we may get practical at points in this episode….today is all about FUN! Think of these ladies as your traveling mentors! We talk about their travel tips and tricks, our favorite travel destination, and then get a good laugh from some travel fails! Yep, we share our travel fails and we read fail stories from listeners!

Youtube Interview (The BEST way to listen to this episode! You won't regret it, I promise!)

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