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Loving and Serving the Widows In Your Life- Sharon Engram & Lori Rohlinger- Episode 123

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

This week I am spoke with Sharon Engram and Lori Rohlinger. Both women are widows who lost their husbands in very different seasons of life, and yet shared similar things. Sharon and Lori wanted to create a resource for widows by widows to help disciple women towards hope in a dark situation. On todays episode we discuss their book Surviving Widowhood, they describe their experience in the months and years following their husbands’ deaths, share encouragement and hope for those experiencing widowhood, and offer some wisdom for those of us that may be walking alongside a widow, how we can serve and encourage her.

I know that everything you will hear from Sharon and Lori is true, not only because of their heart to help women which I believe you will come to see, but also because as their shared their stories and things they experienced, they paralleled our families experience as we have walked alongside my Dad and the experiences of friends who are walking with their parents or friends who have lost a spouse. It might seem like its going to be a sad conversation, but you might be surprised how much HOPE these women have to share with us!

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