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How to Stop Finding Your Value at Work & Get Your Priorities Straight- Alexia Carrillo- Episode 107

Alexia Carrillo is a driven mother, wife, coach and podcaster. After receiving a PHD in Cancer Biology and working as a teacher, Alexia felt called to transition to being a work from home mom to spend more time with her son. However, her transition home was not the fairytale she imagined. She began to experience struggles with balance and unmet expectations. Alexia would later create her podcast, Mama With A Calling, to shares her own experiences and help other moms that are also changing their career direction to find balance and peace. We chat about our mutual struggles as achievers and how a desire to achieve can make a work and home life balance difficult, How we can make sure we are prioritizing our family, and we contrast some of the advice Alexia received from non-Christian sources to what she found in the Bible.

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