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Faith & Christian Living Reads

Books to Encourage you in your Faith (Links Below)

This is our biggest category. And of course it should be! Faith is the main focus of the podcast! I will say that this group of books is a "mixed bag". I would venture to say that some of these authors, if put in one room, might have very different opinions on certain topics regarding faith. But the one thing they do agree on is that Jesus is the main thing!

So if you are looking to grow in your relationship with Christ and learn some new disciplines, maybe you are hoping to reach out and help someone else along in their journey, or maybe you are looking to read a book that will challenge what you have always believed to be the only interpretation of a piece of scripture, this is your list of books. These books will challenge your heart and your mind! Get ready to dive in deep!

Amazon Links (all are affiliate links):

  1. Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

  2. Disciple Her- Kandi Gallaty

  3. Kingdom of Fools- Nick Page

  4. Anything- Jennie Allen

  5. Views on Women in Ministry (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology)- Zondervan Publishers Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible's View of Women- Sarah Bessey

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