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Episode 74: Jeff Harding- Discipling the Next Generation

66% of high school students leave the church after graduating high school. But Jeff Harding is one person helping to lower that number and you can too! Jeff Harding is a father, youth director, writer and host of the Youth Ministry Maverick Podcast where he explores opportunities to break the mold on how we invest in the next generation of the church. As a high schooler, he was blessed to have a youth pastor that invested in him and showed him the importance of discipleship and perseverance in ministry. He passes these lessons on to his own students and us in our second episode of the Discipleship Defined series. Jeff and I discuss the need for asking good questions, the importance of going deep with teenagers, and why discipleship is THE answer to helping students remain faithful to Jesus and their faith after high school.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it mean to ask “better questions”?

  2. Are there any questions that you want to ask, but have not because you know it doesn’t have an “easy answer”?

  3. Why do you think discipleship is the best tool to help students transition out of high school and maintain their beliefs into adulthood?

  4. If discipleship is the job of parents, what does discipleship in the home look like?

  5. If a student does not have a parent who is able to disciple them, where might a student find discipleship and what does it look like in that context?

  6. Who did Jeff and Courtney say is responsible for a student’s faith? Do you agree? Discuss what that might look like at different stages in a child’s life.

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