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Episode 68: Pat Hail, Jr.- Understanding the Holy Spirit

Pat Hail, Jr, a pastor for many years, now serves as an “ordained” construction project manager. He has served as a youth pastor, Senior pastor, Church Stewardship advisor, and construction worker. We talk about all these positions and how they have shaped him as a believer, a pastor, and a father. We take the time to discuss Pat’s journey towards a more complete understanding of the Holy Spirit and how that has effected his faith, outlook on others and reaction to current and future events. He ends by giving us some practical advice on how to avoid future financial instability and burnout.

Books suggested by Pat:

The God I Never Knew- Robert Morris

The Treasure Principle- Randy Alcorn

Youth Aflame- Winkie Pratney

Janet Five:


Eat Right


Read the Word

Get plenty of Rest

Episode Originally Aired Dec 17, 2019

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