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Episode 3: Sue Sunderland- Building Strong Marriages

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

In this episode we mention several books, if you are interested in buying them you will find the links below.

This week I sat down with Sue Sunderland to talk about marriage and her ministry to young couples and fam

ilies. Sue and her husband Dean have been serving married couples for 25 years. They sit down with couples and help them discuss areas of their marriages that are strong and those that need work. They have found several common areas that couples struggle with and Sue addresses some of those in this episode. These are not fix it quick tips. Marriage is a relationship that must be cared for and must be seen as a priority in your life. She addresses what to do if you feel your marriage is in crisis and how we as wives can be better praying for our husbands. She also gives us a few great tips on how we as women can love...and respect...our husbands.

The books we spoke about in todays episode are: Love and Respect- Dr. Emerson Eggerichs 5 love languages-  Gary Chapman Sacred Marriage- Gary Thomas Sacred Influence- Gary Thomas

Episode 3

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