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The Abortion Crisis Meets Compassion- Jonathan DeVore- Episode 93

Warning: This week’s conversation could be a trigger for some or inappropriate for little ears. We will be discussing the topic of abortion. You may wish to listen when children are not present.

Compassion- Deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it

After reading that definition, Compassion was the only word I could use to describe what Love Life does for the families that they meet at and around abortion clinics.

Jonathan is the Charolotte City Director for Love Life. Love Life is an organization that seeks to work with the church to see AN END TO ABORTION AND THE ORPHAN CRISIS. Their organization takes a wholistic approach that includes counseling individuals and couples considering abortion, connecting those that have chosen life with local church communities, and ministering to individuals that have experienced an abortion. I was blessed to have an open and honest conversation with Jonathan about his experience with abortion, the ministry of Love Life, and how to we can appropriately and lovingly have a conversation with others about abortion.

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