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Relationship & Finance Books

Books for Relationships of all Kinds (Links Below)

This group of books is very applicable and touches on relationships in all categories. I know that my husband and I often give 2 or 3 of these books to newly weds when we are choosing a wedding gift. It may not be the most fun gift they will recieve, but it will definitely be one of the most impactful.

Maybe you know a newly married couple, a soon to be high school grad, a parent of a child just entering high school, or maybe you would like to know how to love your spouse better. These books would make great gifts for those people or great holiday reading as you make those New Years resolutions.

Amazon Links (all are affiliate links):

  1. Love and Respect- Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

  2. 5 Love Languages-  Gary Chapman

  3. Sacred Marriage- Gary Thomas

  4. Sacred Influence- Gary Thomas

  5. Boundries- Henry Cloud

  6. Debt Free Degree- Anthony Oneal

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