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Putting God First on your To Do List- The Bible Journal for Busy Women- Valerie Pierce- Episode 130

My guest today is Valerie Pierce. You heard her all the way back on episode 28. Thats right, she has been a friend of the podcast for awhile now! Valerie and I have partnered up for an exciting project this fall and today we are going to tell you all about it! We both have been teasing you on social media and now we are so excited to announce that together we have created the Bible Journal for Busy Women! We have been working on this since this past summer and we are so excited to get this into your hands! We had a few friends that tested the journal for us and gave us feedback, but we can’t wait to hear what you think when you receive your copy in the mail! The Journal is available now for pre-order and will ship out the first week of December. In this episode we are going to chat about the heart behind the journal, why we created it and who we created it for, What you will find inside, and how we have both benefited by using the journal platform we have created. We think this journal is going to be so helpful and useful for listeners that we can’t wait for you all to get it!

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