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Outrageous Obedience: Loving the Unlovely- Rachelle Starr- Episode 136

“Shame is a deep dark spiral that keeps a lot of women in darkness.”

A perfect Valentines Day Release. How can we love those that the world might see as unlovable?

I have been looking forward to this episode for almost 2 months now! My guest this week is Rachelle Starr. Rachelle is the founder of Scarlet Hope ministries and she just released her new book Outrageous Obedience in November. I am not kidding when I say that I read this book from cover to cover. In fact, I’m going to include a picture of it on social media. I have tabs, and notes, and questions! Rachelle founded Scarlet Hope to reach out to women in the adult entertainment industry. We talk about how God drew Rachelle to minister to these women, how her upbringing influenced her ministry decisions, how we can be a light in a dark world, and just when you thought we were just going to talk about Rachelle’s ministry, we chat about why and how you and I should respond to the call that God has placed in our lives. It is such a great conversation. I do want to put a warning that due to the nature of Rachelle’s ministry, we do talk about some topics that might be inappropriate for little ears.

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