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Is Discipleship More Effective Outside the Church Walls?- Debbie G- Episode 118

My guest today is Debbie G. Debbie is the founder of Beyond Fear to Freedom. Debbie had a great career and all the answers, but she was not ready for a series of events that rocked her life. She ended up in a mess of addiction, divorce, dysfunction, and heartache. She lost loved ones, and knew she couldn’t get her life back. She had to take a step in a new direction. It took time, love, and mentoring, but her life was changed. Jesus has redeemed her life and given her a purpose she never had before. Today she sits with people in crisis and serves them in the same way that she was served. She says “I get it because I’ve lived it, and I will stick with you!”

At the beginning of her ministry, Debbie brought her message and testimony to the church but was surprised at the response she got....or didn't get. It was only when she took her ministry to the streets, just as the Lord told her to, that she saw a God sized increase and impact. Debbie and I chat about her dramatic conversion, how we can sit with people even through the toughest moments in life, the change that discipleship can bring in both you and the person you disciple and the amazing ways Debbie has seen God work in the lives of women since starting BFF. To watch the video interview head over to the Youtube Video

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