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Healing From Church Hurt & Trusting God Again- Emily Louis- Episode 119

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Emily Louis is a grace-centered faith coach, podcaster, and speaker. She is the host of the Abundant Grace Podcast and creator of Abundant Grace Bible Studies. Through coaching and discipleship, Emily helps women OWN their worth and transform their relationship with God. Her mission is to help Christians know that they don't have to fit a box or mold to have a thriving relationship with God. She has helped dozens of women understand that they are unconditionally loved and that they can rest from achieving. Today we are going to discuss Emily’s own story of betrayal and abuse within the church; how she found freedom in a faith led by grace and love and not guilt, the peace that is found when you step out of a performance based religion, and how you can begin to trust God and his people again following a betrayal.

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