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Generational Discipleship: Entrust Panel- Jennifer Porras, Tracy Steel, & Margi Galloway- Episode129

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

One of the most amazing moments during the Entrust Conference in September was the Generational Discipleship Panel. During this session I had the chance to interview Margi Galloway, Tracy Steel, and Jen Porras. 3 women who are all in different generations but who are a part of the same discipleship family tree. I had several people let me know that the panel was their favorite part of the conference. After the conference was over and I could step out of the conference organizing role, I listened back to the panel and WOW! In almost 130 episodes, no episode has effected me so deeply while I was editing than this episode today.

During the panel we spoke about how discipleship looked different in each of their lives, how to disciple individuals from a generation you don’t understand, and what happens when you fail. I know you will love this conversation as much as I did! To watch the video head over to the Youtube Video

Jen Porras:

Tracy Steel:

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