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Episode 83: Simone Lake- Digging Deep to Defend Your Faith

Before you can obey Christ or encourage others to follow him, you must know what he is asking you to do. The only place to find that is in Scripture. Sure you can read Christian books, participate in Bible studies, listen to sermons, but what if you could grasp this relationship with Jesus Christ on a deeper level and understand the Bible in a way that speaks directly to you!

Simone Lake is the founder of Deep Roots in Christ Ministry, a pastor’s wife, and has taught seminary level curriculum. Believe me when I say, Simone knows her Bible and wants to see every woman do the same! In this episode, Simone and I chat about studying God’s word, defending your faith, and what obedience to Christ really looks like. She is even going to help break down some big Churchy words like Apologetics and hermeneutics for us and give us some practical tips on engaging Gods word in our every day lives.

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