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Episode 81: Courtney Lowman- Surrendering Your Schedule

After an 8 month Sabbatical, Courtney Lowman was so ready to return to recording new episodes of the podcast. She approached the launch with excitement paired with a cautious drive. There was a lot learned and revealed during her sabbatical. In this episode, Courtney shares about God’s call for her to surrender, a change in priorities, filling your calendar and so may more lessons that the Lord taught her. Surrender is not an easy thing, but what if it leads to rest, a greater effectiveness, and a clear direction. Come along for the ride of the last year with our host Courtney Lowman.

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever found yourself continuously overwhelmed by the events in your life? How did you respond?

  2. Have you ever received advice from a friend or family member that made you frustrated, but in the end realized they were right? How did you respond? Did you have to go back and apologize for your reaction?

  3. Has God ever asked you to surrender anything? What was it? Was it easy to give up or was it difficult?

  4. What advice has been given to you about balancing Family and Work. In what areas do you struggle? In what area do you succeed?

  5. What does the word surrender mean to you?

  6. What might be the result of jumping out in front of God and doing more than He has asked you to do? Can you think of any Biblical examples of men and women that did this?

  7. Is it easy for you to ask for the help and advice of others?


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