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Episode 80: Mordecai Jasper- Fostering Healthy Relationships

Mordecai is a pastor, engineer, husband, and brother…just wait til you hear the size of his family! Mordecai has spent years counseling couples as they prepare for marriage and walking individuals through a course on healthy relationships. In this episode Mordecai and I chat about what healthy relationships require, dysfunctional families and beliefs, drawing boundaries, and the one question he answered at one of our family gatherings that made the whole room go quiet.

Suggested Books:

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you define a healthy relationship?

  2. Would you describe your upbringing as healthy? What are the areas of disfunction you have had to overcome as you have grown into adulthood?

  3. Spend some time considering your own life. What shortcomings, biases, or impulses have you overcome in your relationships? What areas do you still need to work on?

  4. Describe what a quality friendship looks like. How do you expect to be treated by your friend? Now do the same with a significant other. (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Spouse) Are there any boundaries you need to put in place in your current relationships?

  5. Have you ever had a time when someone showed a hatred or dislike towards you? What are the emotions you wrestled with as a result? How was that situation resolved and are you content with your response or reaction?

  6. Have you ever had to draw a line with someone in your family? How did they respond and what was the outcome?

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