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Episode 79: Adam Griffin- Raising Resilient Christians

The Discipleship Defined series has helped us picture what discipleship looks like in various context within our daily lives. In this final episode, my guest Adam Griffin and I are going to focus in on the family and the home.

Adam Griffin is a pastor, husband, and dad. His book Family Discipleship is a great resource for all parents no matter your kids age. His brand new podcast, The Family Discipleship Podcast dives deeper into some of these same topics. In his book, Adam helps us see how we can use the big and the small everyday moments as open doors for discipleship and “train our kids in the way they should go.”

In today’s episode he and I talk about what discipleship looks like in the home, developing a Biblical Worldview in our children, and how we can be intentional about our time spent at home and as a family.

The Family Discipleship Podcast Links

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where does the making of disciples happen? List a couple examples of discipleship happening in a seemingly unusual place.

  2. What does it mean to have a Biblical Worldview? Were you raised in a home that encouraged a Biblical worldview?

  3. What is the difference between teaching doctrine and indoctrination?

  4. How should our worldview inform our decisions and actions? In what areas do you need to allow your worldview to adjust your behavior?

  5. How does allowing your kids to experience hard things help them grow? What parts of God’s characteristics does this display?

  6. In what way have others in your life modeled their faith? How are you modeling your faith for your kids or those around you?

  7. Review Galatians 5:22-23. What fruit of the spirit is a weak area in your life? Which fruit is a strong area in your life?

  8. What are the family liturgies that you grew up with? Are there any that you would love to create in your family?

  9. In what area of your life do you need to be intentional about inviting God in?

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