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Episode 78: Lucille Williams- You're Raising an Adult- Why Parenting Matters

Lucille Williams is a speaker, author, the wife of a children’s pastor, and a very proud Mom. Lucille’s, an avid reader of parenting books decided to write one, but with a twist. Her new book, The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed child with Love and Grace was written alongside her daughter Monica! In this episode, Lucille and I chat about finding balance in your household, mistakes made in discipline, how to raise your children with their future in mind, and how you can stay connected in your marriage while parenting well. Throughout our conversation we sprinkle in some funny stories and some parenting fails.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you think your family would respond if you consulted them before taking on a new commitment? What benefit can you find in doing that?

  2. What feelings come to the surface when you think about giving a strong voice to someone else in regards to your activities and choices.

  3. Have you ever asked your child how a punishment made them feel? What do you think you could glean from that conversation?

  4. Was there ever a mistake that you made and your parent or an adult in your life turned the moment into a teaching moment and avoided an emotional reaction?

  5. How can being a good listener benefit your relationship with your child now and in the future?

  6. What is the anatomy of a good apology? Why is it important to apologize to your children when you make a mistake?

  7. Is feeling pain a natural or un-natural thing? How can you walk along side your children in their pain?

  8. How do you and your spouse connect? What adjustments need to be made. Have a discussion about this, what was the outcome?

  9. Do you feel thankful for your household responsibilities or do you see them as a chore? What might you do to adjust your mindset?

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