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Episode 77: Dr. Kristin Beasley- Who Do You Think You Are?

Dr. Kristin Beasley is a wife, author, teacher, and missionary. All of her careers and positions serve her mission to help women identify who they are in Christ. Christ loves you and created you for a purpose. But how can we know what that is and live it out? Well we discuss just that!

Who Do You Think You Are?

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Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever been told “Kids should be seen but not heard?” What are your opinions on that phrase and what scriptures inform those opinions?

  2. What is the difference between “knowing” God and “believing” God?

  3. Have you ever experienced a supernatural moment of peace? Write about it or share it with your group.

  4. Have you ever been mentored by someone that you might not have chosen?

  5. List the Roles that you have chosen or have been given in life. Which would you like to let go, which to do you enjoy, and which would you like to assume?

  6. What are your spiritual gifts? How are you using them? If you aren’t, how could you be using them?

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