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Episode 76: Brenna Stull- Shifting from Frazzled to Fun

Brenna Stull is a mom, author, and wife. After the Lord helped her find small ways to bring organization and peace back into her home, she decided to share those techniques with other moms in her book Coach Mom: 7 Strategies for Organizing Your Family into an All-Star Team. Brenna and I have an informative conversation on parenting, organizing, technology, and helping your kids set boundaries in your home. Its a conversation that I have been thinking about for weeks because her tips are so practical and encouraging!

Contact Brenna:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Was there ever a goal that you were able to accomplished during a busy time? Is there something you feel called to do right now, but are avoiding while using the excuse “I’m too busy”?

  2. How do you deal with conflict? How do you respond when you are accused of something that you believe to be untrue?

  3. Which woman are you? One who is consumed with your home and neglects your spiritual life? Or one who is connected spiritually but neglecting your home?

  4. What in your life is overwhelming to you right now? What step might you be able to take to move from frazzled to fun in that area?

  5. What area in your home could you organize to help provide a bit more order to you home?

  6. Are you an organized person? or is organization a struggle for you?

  7. What are a few expectations that you need to let go of to experience a bit of peace?

  8. What small step is God asking you to take today? Can you trust him enough to say yes?

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