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Episode 72: Erica Wiggenhorn- Wrestling with Imposter Syndrome

“How long will you allow this lie to rob you of all your joy?” - God to Erica Wiggenhorn

Its not about looking around and playing the comparison game or even saying “I don’t belong here! People are going think I’m a fraud!” Its about saying, “Thank you Jesus for bringing me to this place in life. What do you have for me here and who have you created me to be?” Then stepping out with a holy boldness despite what other voices (internal or external) might be saying.

Erica Wiggenhorn, speaker, teacher and author of Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck & How Surrender Sets You Free speaks from experience when she talks us through fighting against Imposter Syndrome. She experienced it herself and was surprised to find it in the Biblical example of Moses!

Erica and I had a great conversation about Imposter Syndrome, how to identify it and push back against it, how to stop striving (I’m looking at you over-workers and over achievers), and peace that we experience when we surrender and listen to what God has for our lives. This episode is full of great reminders as we try to live a life that honors God.

Be sure to preorder Letting God Be Enough before it releases September 7th.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome?

  2. What lie about yourself or your talents does the enemy repeatedly bring up in your life?

  3. Is there a doubt that you are beginning to believe about yourself or your faith?

  4. Has God ever spoken to you? How did He speak? Audibly? Through others? In Scripture?

  5. Are you a striver? What do you need to surrender to God today?

  6. How are you trying to know God more in your life right now?

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