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Episode 71: Cherie Wagner- The Power Scripture Holds

To kickoff Season 2, Cherie Wagner is the perfect guest. Cherie Wagner, a fellow Bible nerd, is a speaker, author, and the creator of Neue Thing. Her passion for God's word shows in the clear, straightforward way she preaches and communicates the scriptures. We discuss why its is important to read the Bible on a daily basis, how the Lord speaks to us through His word, and the transformation that can be found in reading and applying Scripture. We close with practical advice on how to make the Bible a part of your daily life.

Links and Resources

Audio Bibles:

Good Bible to start with:

Bible Apps:

Where to start reading?

The Book of John



YouVersion Bible App Plan

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do the words Biblical Literacy mean?

  2. Why is it important to be in Christian Community as you read the Word of God?

  3. What type of role should your emotions play in your life as a whole?

  4. What does scripture say about your thoughts and feelings?

  5. How often should we be spending studying the word of God?

  6. What is helpful about using Bible Studies others have written?

  7. How is it different to read Scripture by itself without using a christian book or Bible study to help?

  8. How many days a week are you going to commit to reading the Bible this next month?

  9. How does discipleship help us stay engaged with the Word of God and fight against Satan’s plans?

Here’s an approach to reading the Bible that I (Courtney) have found to be helpful:

  1. What did you learn that you had not noticed before?

  2. What questions do you have?

  3. What did this passage teach you about God?

  4. What is your response to what you learned about God?

  5. Is there something new you need to be applying in your life?

  6. Give a 1-2 sentence synopsis of what happened in the chapter.

  7. Write down one verse that you can meditate on throughout the day.

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