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Episode 66: Lainee Pegelow- Let them Fly

This episode was originally aired in 2019, but this was the perfect time to replay the episode. Lainee Pegelow has worked with college students through Christian Challenge at Northern Arizona University for the last 26 years! She has incredible insight into the challenges students face as they transition from high school and adolescence to college and adulthood. What do students need to find success? How can parents help their student remain faithful to the God they grew up learning about? Can we ever fully arrive at perfection as a disciple? This episode will answer those questions for you or the students in your life.

Parents Be Aware: We are discussing topics concerning collegiate behavior that may be inappropriate for young ears, you may want to listen with caution.

Episode originally aired Sept 23, 2019.

Books We Mentioned:

Debt Free Degree- Anthony Oneal

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