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Episode 64: Karen Harrison- Fertility Struggles and Losing a Child

Karen Harrison and I discuss her struggles with infertility, the loss of a child, and how she is now helping others experiencing the same tragedies. Karen is a mom, wife, child life specialist, avid woodburner, and one of the founders of Forget Me Not Ministries.

Forget Me Not is a ministry focused on helping those that have struggled with fertility issues or are grieving the loss of a baby born in any trimester. It's a heavy place to be, but Karen and those that serve with her help the whole family to grieve well and remember the child that has died by delivering free Forget Me Not boxes filled with items to help families begin to heal.

In this episode we speak about Forget Me Not's annual signature event, Made Known, which took place in 2019. Wives and husbands, separately or together, along with any of their community that wants to participate, can gather with other parents and have a moment to remember their children and share their story.

Episode Originally aired September 9, 2019

To Contact Karen and her fellow workers: You can donate to Forget Me Not Ministries here: Embers and Ash (Karen's Woodburning Business):

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