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Episode 61: Becky Getz- Community During Times of Loss

Becky Getz and I originally had this conversation just weeks into the quarantine! We had no idea just how impactful this message would be to so many people!

Becky Getz and her husband David knew from their 18 week ultrasound that their son Zachary would need medical intervention, but from that moment, Zachary would continue to surprise the doctors and his family. God was very faithful to this family and God and their community became the rock they leaned on during Zach's life and after his death. Becky and I talk about Zach's story, the decisions they made, and the different ways that God has shown up at every step. We discuss why community is so important and how they can continue to serve after the loss of Zach.

The Getz's blog about Zach's Life:

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