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Episode 44: Janine Bailey- Character over Curriculum: A Homeschool Q&A

Janine Bailey has been homeschooling her 2 boys for the last 8 years. Many of us have found ourselves schooling our kids at home in the last few months and may be doing more of the same in the fall. I asked Janine for some tips and tricks of the trade. We discuss how to keep going when things get tough, the importance of flexibility, and how to plan your day to day.


Janine's Favorites:

Great books:

* The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias (helps understand your learning style and your childs) 

Curriculum Picks:

* Sonlight Complete Package Curriculum (Literature Based)

* Singapore Math, Beast Academy, or Art of Problem Solving (for math) 

* The Logic of English Foundations and Essentials (for phonics)

* Institute for Excellence in Writing (for higher levels after phonics) 

* Classical Conversations (for community) 


* Making Biblical Family Life Practical (homeschooling family) 

* Scholé Sisters (for classical education) 

On Giftedness:

For Special Needs & Struggling Learners:

For Help Getting Started:

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