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Episode 2: Jen Deibel- Shepherding your children

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I had the chance to sit on my son's nursery floor and chat with my friend Jen.

Jennifer Deibel is a mom, teacher, blogger, and author. She lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona and writes on her blog over at along with guest writing for other blogs and online publications. We talk about her draw to the written word and her new book to be released in 2021! A large part of what Jen and I discuss is the huge changes that she and her husband, Seth, along with their 3 kids have experience in the last 6 years. Change can be hard for anyone, but as a couple they were able to help their kids thrive in the redefinition of their family's purpose.  Listen for her wisdom on how she helped her kids, in the midst of chaos, to have an outward focus and a Jesus heart for the world.

Episode 2

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