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Episode 13: Rob James- Meeting Needs to Heal Hearts

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Rob James is a pastor, writer, and radio presenter from Pembroke, Wales. In addition to his weekly thoughts on local radio and his occasional services on BBC Radio, Rob serves as an itinerate pastor and as the church and media consultant for the Evangelical Alliance in Wales where he helps churches understand what it means to minister to their communities in the 21st century. Rob and I discuss the religious climate through out Wales and how this is reflected in the American culture. We talk about the missional mindset that churches should have and the need for them to step out of their buildings to reach their community whether that is through technology, Messy Church, or serving those in need. Finally, we talk about what it looks like when we say yes to what God asks of us even when his request seems too big for us to handle. Rob graces us with amazing stories of other faithful men and women he has met along the way and how they have impacted not just him, but also their community.

Books we Discussed: (Affiliate Links Below) Little Thoughts About a Big God- Rob James Kingdom of Fools- Nick Page Anything- Jennie Allen

Rob James email:

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