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Entrust Conference Q&A- Courtney Lowman & Leeann Reynolds- Episode 112

Leeann Reynolds and I chat about the Entrust Conference. You have heard about the Entrust conference on the podcast, but since its the first year, you probably have questions. What exactly is the Entrust conference? What will we be talking about? Who should come to the Entrust conference? Well all your questions will be answered today! So stay tuned because at the end we give a Coupon code for $5 off your conference ticket! Tickets for the Entrust Conference are on sale now. The conference will take place on September 24th from 9am-4pm.

God is so good and has brought together an AMAZING group of nationally known speakers from all generations to come together with the point of encouraging and equipping women to courageously step out as the disciple makers God has commanded them to be. You will leave feeling prepared to disciple whoever God brings in your life and help them to also become a disciple maker! For more information and to buy your tickets head to

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