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Doctrine Delivered with a Smile- April Sweers- Episode 101

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

April Sweers is a wife, mother, bible study writer and teacher, host of the Her God Speaks Podcast, and fellow bible nerd. She is an amazing follow on Instagram, in fact thats the first place I found her! She has an amazing ability to take hard topics like theology and doctrine and throw a comedic twist on them. Today we are going to talk about doctrine. May sound deep and serious, but instead we are talking about Christian doctrine for the everyday believer, with some humor of course! We also talk about what to do if you begin to rethink some of the doctrine you may have grown up with or learned as a child and why discipleship and community are so important to developing sound doctrine.

Aprile's Doctrine Resouces

How Not To Read The Bible- Dan Kimball

Women of The Word- Jen Wilkin

Fix Our Eyes- Amy Gannett

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