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Discover the Wrong You Were Born to Make Right- Hannah Gronowski Barnett- Episode 126

Hannah Gronowski, Founder and CEO of Generation Distinct, Speaker, Preacher and Author has always been wired to abolish cultural complacency, unleash lasting justice, and join the wild adventure Jesus invites us all to live. A passionate movement-maker, social influencer and voice for her generation, Hannah had a jump start at speaking and writing, working full time in youth ministry, spending a ministry season in the Dominican Republic, graduating college and launching Generation Distinct, all by age 20.

Generation Distinct has grown to reach leaders all over the world with a vision to use conversations around passion, purpose & justice to bring the next generation into conversations around Jesus, the Gospel & the Great Commission.

Hannah and I chat about Generation Z’s search for purpose, Their very interesting perspective on the best way to get things done, what they need from the older generations around them, and the many things they have to offer our society.

To watch the video head over to the Youtube Video


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