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Discipleship in the World of Podcasting- Eric Nevins- Episode 125

My guest today is Eric Nevins. After years of working in the financial industry, Eric launched his podcast, Halfway There, to tell the whole story about the spiritual journey. He quickly found the community podcasting is known for and started a group to bring Christian podcasters together. Since then, he’s worked with podcasters to launch and improve their podcast, most recently with Christian Podcasters Association and has created a platform where Podcasters can learn, be encouraged, and network.


Podcasts exploded in popularity in the last few years. But the truth is, it can be a difficult and often thankless venture so many people do not get farther than the first episode or the first season. This week, Eric and I chat about the challenges of podcasting, what it looks like to be a Christian podcaster, the importance of Mentorship in the podcasting world, and how we can support the podcasters in our lives and those we enjoy listening to.

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