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Alphabet Scripture Memory Lists

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Pastor Joe Oswald has created two Alphabet Scripture Memory lists that he uses with kids in his sports program, at this church, and with his own children. It can be hard to help kids learn scripture. He has chosen short verses that even young children can commit to memory and learn to apply in life.

I find that scripture memory has become a family event for us. As I help my boys memorize their verses for the Awana program they are a part of, I end up memorizing them as well. Some are verses I learned when I was young and others are verses that are new to me. Once we have memorized these verses they come back up in everyday situations. I find myself using the verses when I am encouraging the boys, disciplining the boys, and when we are praying and teaching the boys to pray.

As we walk through life and seek to serve God, scripture memory is crucial.

Take these Alphabet Scripture Memory lists and use them to encourage the kids in your life to hide the Word of God in their hearts and minds.

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