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4 Characteristics of a Fruitful Disciple-maker- Episode 120- Courtney Lowman

Today I am so excited to share with you what I believe are 4 characteristics of a Fruitful Disciple-Maker. Most people have a list in their heads of what it takes to disciple someone. Along with that come a list of necessary qualifications and that list can be QUITE long!

What if I told you the list isn’t long and the qualifications are probably a lot more reasonable than you believe! I had a list in my head when I first started discipling and that resulted in fear every time that I met with a woman for discipleship. I came to realize that the list of characteristics a woman needs to be a fruitful disciple maker is much simpler and more obtainable than I believed.

We’re going to go through the list and I think, just like me, you will leave with the belief that you truly are qualified to go out and follow God’s command to be a disciple maker! Daily Kairos Bible Journal Link:

Daily Kairos BOGO Link: To watch the video head over to the Youtube Video

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